Month: July 2017

Comic Cons And How To Have Fun In One.

Recreating your favourite movie character, anime or a gaming character in your own way has been a popular and an interesting hobby that many people take interest in. This was why Comic conventions were exclusively started as a place where you can dress up as any desired character in any way that you want to. However not many of us can easily afford all the things needed to get into your favourite character but there are other ways to enjoy your time there.

Wearing something that can add up to the fun of going to a comic con,

All of us are excited when it comes to visiting a convention which may be filled with many other people dressed up in many characters of their choice. Seeing that might encourage us to wear something relevant to it. This was why the easiest and the quickest way to get celebrating any fandom is by wearing relevant geek t shirts Australia of your own choice. It could be Batman, Superman or even the Flash, Arrow depending on the shows that interest you. There are websites that specializes any kind of printing you want on that particular clothing that you might want to wear for the comic con. This will be another interesting way to connect with everyone who loves the same show and whatnot as yourself.

The fun does not stop there.

However, best retro t shirts online are not the only thing you can wear; there are many things you can get through conventions. You tend to meet new people with similar interests, cosplayers to take pictures with, action figures and other related items that you can save up to afford them easily for. It will be a new experience especially for a closet fan that is into all types of shows. This helps you to have fun in ways you always wanted to while having the freedom to do so. The lists and possibilities are endless, from websites on the internet to actual shops that you may be able to reach out to strengthen your love for all types of fictional characters and shows.

Other things to look out for.

Comic cons not only introduce you to movies and Hollywood related shows but it’s a universal connection especially with Japanese anime and other types of shows that tend to rule out than the rest. Famous animes like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairytail which allows you to have more than one character and give you a new perspective to learn and watch about.

Tips For Taking Care Of New Tattoos

Once you get a tattoo done by applying permanent ink it will take some time to heal. It will depend on size of the tattoo as well as the type of skin you possess. If you don’t take care of the tattoo and your skin properly, it might even get infected. There are special steps to be followed in order to take care of a newly done tattoo. Usually a tattoo takes almost two weeks to heal. You will need to follow these steps carefully, especially if it is your first time.

Keep it covered initially

You will need to keep it covered for the first few hours in order to protect the skin from any germs that might reach it. However, you don’t have to keep it covered for longer periods. This is usually done to protect it during the time you get back to your house after you’re done. If you are getting a complicated tattoo done from a well-known place like a tattoo you will be given special instructions by the artist.


You can wash your skin after twenty-four hours. It is a must that you use a soap that would fight against germs. Once you are done, pat it dry with a clean towel. Make sure not to keep the spot damp for a long time since it may slow the process of healing. You can wash the spot twice or thrice a day. But, try not to overdo it.

Get rid of germs

Get yourself an antibacterial ointment and apply a thin layer over the tattoo. Do this twice a day. If you are going out or if you want to you can cover the spot lightly with a bandage. You should continue to apply an ointment for the first five or six days. Depending on the healing process you can stop applying that and use your normal daily lotion.

What not to do

The skin around the tattoo might feel irritated. But, don’t scratch it under any circumstance. Don’t go out in the sun. If you do have to go, try to cover it with a bandage. Don’t apply perfumes or cologne on the spot since it might further irritate and make it painful. Also try to avoid straining the muscles around the tattoo.

You spend a sum of money on a tattoo. Mostly tattoo studios give good results even if they charge above average prices like Bali tattoo prices. Higher rates can also mean good quality. However, make sure that you take good care of your tattoo, especially during the first month.