Hosting is an art and like any art and like any art it needs to be refined. Throwing a party at home is not too hard but throwing a party that people will remember takes something extra. Here are a few tips for aspiring party hosts.

Pay attention to the guests

You’re throwing a party for the guests so if you’re running around the kitchen and the guests feel awkward it won’t do the trick. Plan and do your work ahead and make sure that you’re free to socialize when the guests arrive. Be pleasant and try to talk with everyone present. A party can be a great opportunity to get to know new people so make sure you introduce your guests to each other.

Make sure to entertain them

Once the guests are comfortable the next step is entertainment. Depending on the type of event this can be as simple as playing a board game or having a fire performer. Be familiar with your guests and plan something that they would enjoy. It won’t have to be elaborate but some form of well thought out entertainment can add a lot to a gathering.

Try something new

Most of the time every social gathering will consist of music, food and talking. Try out something new. For example, if you’re having fire dances let the guests look into the fire dancing equipment or have the party is a unexpected location. Do something that will set apart your event from others and it will make sure the guests will remember it for days to come.

Food makes everyone happy

An event with good food is the best kind of event. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy but it if tastes good it can truly be amazing. Make sure the food suits the type of event that you’re hosting. Having spaghetti at a cocktail party is not the way to go and make sure the food suits the people who are attending. Having something made by the host can also be a nice addition.

Stay calm

Hosting an event can be stressful but it is your responsibility to stay calm and collected. If you’re not in your element the guests will feel it and the event will go out of sync. Planning ahead and preparation can be a great way to make sure that you’re calm. It never hurts to have some helpers with you as well.Hosting an event is truly an amazing experience. Make sure you enjoy it.